Shoreview restricts the sale of flavored tobacco

Shoreview joins Saint Paul and Minneapolis in restricting the sale of flavored tobacco products.


New “High Nicotine” Cigarette Hits Minnesota Market

A new and unusual brand of cigarettes is being marketed in Minnesota. RED SUN cigarettes are promoted as “The BOLDEST, most UNAPOLOGETIC, and HIGHEST NICOTINE cigarettes in America!” in local publications like City Pages. RED SUN cigarettes are manufactured by a company called 22nd Century which has a mission to: “reduce the harm caused by… Continue reading New “High Nicotine” Cigarette Hits Minnesota Market

Feds finalize new tobacco rules

The Food and Drug Administration recently announced sweeping regulations for hookah, little cigars, dissolveables, and electronic cigarettes, in addition to the federal agency’s existing power over cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco, and smokeless tobacco.

Swisher Sweets promotes heavily on social media

Swisher Sweets cigar brand focuses heavily on promotion through social media marketing. Swisher uses Instagram (@swishersweets), Twitter (@swishersweets), YouTube, and Facebook to promote their products. They do this by using popular or trending hashtags (e.g. #onfleek) that link their posts to general feeds that aren’t age restricted.

Saint Paul votes to restrict sale of flavored tobacco, raise price of cigars

he City Council voted unanimously to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products to adult-only tobacco stores and increase the minimum price for single cigars to $2.60 each. All cigars sold in packages of four or less must be priced at $2.60 each, while cigars packaged at four or more must be at least $10.40.

CDC: Adult smoking rate at a historic low

The Centers for Disease Control announced today that the adult smoking rate has dropped, continuing a six-year downward trend. According to the National Health Interview Survey, the current adult smoking rate is now 15.2 percent, down from 16.8 percent in 2014. The national smoking rate peaked in 1965, when about 42 percent of adults were… Continue reading CDC: Adult smoking rate at a historic low