Marlboro Black helps Altria gain market share

  It has been five years since Altria released Marlboro Black—a cheaper offshoot of the number one U.S. cigarette brand. Marlboro Black is a “bolder” tasting cigarette that is targeted at millennials. The brand’s marketing efforts are designed to modernize Marlboro’s masculine image. The “Marlboro Man” cowboy hit the scene in the 1950s. The cowboy… Continue reading Marlboro Black helps Altria gain market share

New “High Nicotine” Cigarette Hits Minnesota Market

A new and unusual brand of cigarettes is being marketed in Minnesota. RED SUN cigarettes are promoted as “The BOLDEST, most UNAPOLOGETIC, and HIGHEST NICOTINE cigarettes in America!” in local publications like City Pages. RED SUN cigarettes are manufactured by a company called 22nd Century which has a mission to: “reduce the harm caused by… Continue reading New “High Nicotine” Cigarette Hits Minnesota Market

Swisher Sweets promotes heavily on social media

Swisher Sweets cigar brand focuses heavily on promotion through social media marketing. Swisher uses Instagram (@swishersweets), Twitter (@swishersweets), YouTube, and Facebook to promote their products. They do this by using popular or trending hashtags (e.g. #onfleek) that link their posts to general feeds that aren’t age restricted.

RJ Reynolds and Lorillard Merge

By CHRIS FARMER-LIES  Reynolds American (RJR) and Lorillard have merged after nearly a year of negotiation, combining the second and third largest tobacco companies in a $27 billion deal. British American Tobacco will remain the largest single shareholder in the newly-merged company, which might threaten Altria’s (formerly Philip Morris) decades-long dominance over the industry. While… Continue reading RJ Reynolds and Lorillard Merge

Will the tobacco industry turn to cannabis?

By CHRIS FARMER-LIES Starting today, registered Minnesota residents with any of nine qualifying conditions will be able to access medical cannabis in pill, oil, or liquid form. Of the 23 states which have loosened restrictions on medical cannabis, Minnesota’s program is considered extremely narrow. As cannabis regulation evolves, the tobacco industry’s relationship with the drug… Continue reading Will the tobacco industry turn to cannabis?