Thanksgiving messaging from the tobacco industry

For Thanksgiving, General Snus ran a series on their Facebook page promoting snus as a holiday-friendly family bonding tool. Each post featured a different holiday activity. One post included a debate about whether stopping for snus on the way to Thanksgiving dinner would be worthwhile if it required a detour in another direction. They invited followers to comment about how they would handle this situation. Another post featured a situation where a can of snus was used as bartering agent to trade a transit employee for a better train seat. The series concluded at the Thanksgiving dinner table with a can of snus being slipped under the table to an uncle itching to go out for a smoke break. The post signed off with a statement that this charitable action could immediately make you your uncle’s favorite person at the table.

Several other tobacco companies used Thanksgiving messages in their marketing this month. Virginia Slims cigarettes invited their email subscribers to “cozy up to fall” with a Sweet Potato Gnocchi recipe. Longhorn Moist Snuff, Red Man Chewing Tobacco, and Timber Wolf Moist Snuff sent out Thanksgiving messages to their email subscribers, and Newport cigarettes sent out a “Beer Gravy” Thanksgiving recipe.

Email messaging from Longhorn Moist Snuff


Thanksgiving email imagery from Newport cigarettes

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