E-cigarette brand blu hosts Super Bowl party

The electronic cigarette brand blu was one of the sponsors of a  Maxim Super Bowl party in Minneapolis in January. The brand planned to use the event to promote its new line of electronic cigarettes called “myblu.” A call for models went out on Facebook. The post offered to pay $350 to “…attractive, fit ladies that are comfortable working at a Maxim Party during the Super Bowl while smoking a vapor.” The City of Minneapolis Health Department responded by letting party organizers know that smoking and vaping indoors is not allowed in the city. Blu altered their plans accordingly, although social media photos appear to show some vaping at the event. The brand offered a tasting room where party guests could sample “signature cocktails” based on the new myblu flavors. Tasting room guests were also given a “swag bag” with a free myblu starter kit.

The swag bags seen in the middle of the blu tasting room at the Maxim Super Bowl Party contained a free myblu starter kit.
There were many social media photos of the event, including this Instagram post from a Maxim model promoting the new myblu.
Musician and Instagram model Nikki Heaton was in attendance to promote blu. She stands at the entrance to the tasting room.

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