Al Capone Cigarillos market to Hip-Hop community

picture2Al Capone Cigarillos are a brand of cigars manufactured and distributed by the Intercontinental Cigar Corporation. Al Capone cigarillos are described as “hand-rolled in Honduras” and “dipped in cognac”. These cigarillos come in flavors that include rum, cognac, Jamaican Blaze and sweet slims. The company relies mostly on online marketing. For example, Al Capone Cigars are the primary sponsor of the Smack Ultimate Rap Battle League.  Battle rap is a rugged form of the popular urban art form of rap. While popular rap has largely been criticized as being saturated with elements that are not pure to Hip-Hop culture, battle rap has remained a beacon of Hip-Hop culture among Hip-Hop purists. These battle raps are live events that are later available on YouTube. Al Capone has an advertising spot prior to each of these online videos and their merchandise is visible during the duration of the video.  The image (right)is a still from a battle rap with one of the participants wearing Al Capone apparel.


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