Mail Items and Giveaways

American Spirit sent out birthday gifts to their mail subscribers this year. Packaged along with a birthday card was a grow-your-own basil kit, complete with planting and watering instructions. This spring, General Snus promoted the Appalachian Trail. They sent out a 10-page “trail guide” that described several highlights along the trail including Clingman’s Dome in… Continue reading Mail Items and Giveaways

Hassle-Free? E-Cigarettes and Auto-Ship

Many large companies, including Amazon and Target, now offer auto-ship programs, where consumers can set a pre-determined schedule to have their day-to-day necessities delivered to them at regular intervals. This convenience means consumers no longer have to worry about running out of groceries, toilet paper, or even dog toys. The tobacco industry has also taken… Continue reading Hassle-Free? E-Cigarettes and Auto-Ship

Minnesota Legislative and Local Policy Update

State Updates Cessation Funding: Continued statewide cessation funding was passed. The service now known as QUITPLAN will continue to be available to Minnesota smokers through the Minnesota Department of Health after its current funding ends in 2020. Clean Indoor Air: E-cigarettes were added to Minnesota’s clean indoor air policy. As of Aug. 1, 2019, e-cigarettes… Continue reading Minnesota Legislative and Local Policy Update

Thanksgiving messaging from the tobacco industry

For Thanksgiving, General Snus ran a series on their Facebook page promoting snus as a holiday-friendly family bonding tool. Each post featured a different holiday activity. One post included a debate about whether stopping for snus on the way to Thanksgiving dinner would be worthwhile if it required a detour in another direction. They invited… Continue reading Thanksgiving messaging from the tobacco industry

Mobile coupons: A new way to get cheap tobacco products

Ten different tobacco companies including Marlboro, Skoal, Camel, Newport and Winston now offer mobile coupons that can be redeemed in most places their products are sold. Mobile coupons are marketed as a paperless alternative to direct mail coupons and are more efficient and convenient for the retailers and consumers. Mobile coupons also offer customers more… Continue reading Mobile coupons: A new way to get cheap tobacco products

Copenhagen giveaway: Engraved wooden coasters

Copenhagen  Smokeless Tobacco will celebrate their 200th anniversary in 2022 and is heavily promoting this anniversary—four years early. As part of their promotion, they sent out free wooden coasters to their email subscribers. The coasters are engraved with images of plants, presumably the tobacco plant in different stages of its life cycle.

FDA plans to remove menthol cigarettes from the market

In November, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., announced that the agency is planning to remove menthol cigarettes from the marketplace. Public health advocates and tobacco control organizations across the country celebrated the announcement because menthol makes tobacco easier to start and harder to quit. However, this FDA action is likely to take years and will… Continue reading FDA plans to remove menthol cigarettes from the market