Al Capone Cigarillos market to Hip-Hop community

Al Capone Cigarillos are a brand of cigars manufactured and distributed by the Intercontinental Cigar Corporation. Al Capone cigarillos are described as “hand-rolled in Honduras” and “dipped in cognac”. These cigarillos come in flavors that include rum, cognac, Jamaican Blaze and sweet slims. The company relies mostly on online marketing. For example, Al Capone Cigars… Continue reading Al Capone Cigarillos market to Hip-Hop community

Marlboro Black helps Altria gain market share

  It has been five years since Altria released Marlboro Black—a cheaper offshoot of the number one U.S. cigarette brand. Marlboro Black is a “bolder” tasting cigarette that is targeted at millennials. The brand’s marketing efforts are designed to modernize Marlboro’s masculine image. The “Marlboro Man” cowboy hit the scene in the 1950s. The cowboy… Continue reading Marlboro Black helps Altria gain market share

New “High Nicotine” Cigarette Hits Minnesota Market

A new and unusual brand of cigarettes is being marketed in Minnesota. RED SUN cigarettes are promoted as “The BOLDEST, most UNAPOLOGETIC, and HIGHEST NICOTINE cigarettes in America!” in local publications like City Pages. RED SUN cigarettes are manufactured by a company called 22nd Century which has a mission to: “reduce the harm caused by… Continue reading New “High Nicotine” Cigarette Hits Minnesota Market

Feds finalize new tobacco rules

The Food and Drug Administration recently announced sweeping regulations for hookah, little cigars, dissolveables, and electronic cigarettes, in addition to the federal agency’s existing power over cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco, and smokeless tobacco.

Swisher Sweets promotes heavily on social media

Swisher Sweets cigar brand focuses heavily on promotion through social media marketing. Swisher uses Instagram (@swishersweets), Twitter (@swishersweets), YouTube, and Facebook to promote their products. They do this by using popular or trending hashtags (e.g. #onfleek) that link their posts to general feeds that aren’t age restricted.

2013 tobacco tax keeps on giving

Minnesota’s tobacco tax went up by 10 cents and the sales taxes on cigarettes went up by two cents on Jan. 1, 2016. In 2013, the legislature increased the cigarette tax by $1.60, and set in place an automatic inflator that increases the tobacco tax every year in line with inflation. At $3 (plus $0.54 in sales tax), Minnesota now has the seventh-highest cigarette tax. Each pack also has a $1.01 federal tax per pack.